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Ni sa Bula. To all who visit this site, "Information is for sharing. However if you do use 
information from this site, some acknowledgement reference will be greatly appreciated". Please do
not add names and details of living persons on publicly accessed sites.

I dedicate this  site to my beloved older brother, James Andrew WISE, who passed away in Feb 
1993, as a result of a car accident. James was  passionate about family, and was forever 
searching for family connections. He was determined to find the roots of the WISE Family of 
Fiji. We were ever so fortunate in that our dad, Henry WISE (JP of Fiji) kept in touch with 
many of the family members from around Fiji and overseas. This provided us with the opportunity 
to meet and acquaint with them. I vividly remember most of the family that visited Wainiveidio, 
usually stayed over at our home. This is one of the reasons, the family lineage formed part of 
our conversations at home. Our mum, Tokasa WISE (nee KOROIVUKI: Tubou, Lakeba Lau. Mataqali
Vuanirewa, Tokatoka Naivi) was also well versed in the WISE family history and took her time to
answer any questions and explain the family lineage from both side of the family to us. So, this
site is very much dedicated to our Beautiful Ma and ever so Amazingly Wonderful Dad as well. 

My sisters, Ada SEETO (nee WISE), and Grace WISE, have provided a lot of information which has 
assisted me in connecting the dots, and compiling this family tree. Our brother, James had many 
a 'talanoa' (yarn) with our Grandma, Josephine (nee ROUNDS). From these conversations, as well 
as in conversing with other older folks, and other family members: from Namosi to Levuka (those 
who lived in Suva), and with our family on the Island of Tubou Lakeba, Lau. He had an abundance 
of knowledge of our family lineage. He was a Genealogist in his own right. James put together 
some of the information that he had gathered, in relation to our family lineage (Grandpa 
Benjamin WISE and Grandma Josephine (nee ROUNDS)), which I had passed on to Uncle Bruce ROUNDS 
in 1983, when I was living with Uncle Bruce, Aunt Angie and the family while attending Suva 
Grammar High School. Years later, in 1992, as we were sitting celebrating New Year's Eve, James 
asked me "If I had given away the family tree that he was compiling", which I could not deny. 
My brother James just sighed and it was evident, that what I had done totally demotivated him 
from carrying on and progressing the family tree. Notwithstanding all that, what transpired was well 
worth it. James would be 'over the moon' that the information has been put to good use. This is 
also another reason I have invested a lot of my time, searching for information, for the "WISE 
FAMILY OF FIJI"- Family Tree. James also had a theory, that the WISE family may be of Jewish 
descent, however we always had an inkling that the first Mr WISE who came to Fiji, was of 
English descent. 

From the information that Dulcie STEWART(Vinaka vakalevu) has provided, and from one of the 
many books that I have read, it is possible that Charles WISE(I) father, came to Fiji from 
America. It is highly likely (to be verified), that we are part of the WISE/WEISS Family that 
migrated from England to America or as in accordance with my brother's theory, Jewish families 
(Weiss surname)did migrate to New York in the early days, and changed their surname to WISE. 
Dulcie  provided with the Marriage Certificate (M. Cert) for my Great Grandpa (GGP), George 
WISE and Great grandma (GGM) Ada BOWER. The M. Cert records my GGP, George WISE's mother's name to 
what looks like Emma KHAKRUSE??sp, possibly KRAUSE (pronounced-Khakruse? ). However I now think it 
is neither as it is smudged and could be one of many surnames (edited 1/12/2017). I have found thus 
far that a Mr KRAUSE was a German trader, in the Pacific so at this stage, an assumption is being 
made that "KRAUSE" is my GGM's surname (yet to be verified). I would also like to thank Dulcie for 
providing some of the birth certificates(B. Cert) especially for Charles WISE (II) and Lice/Lizzie
(nee WATKINS)side of the family, and other documents that have assisted us in putting together 
the "WISE" Family of Fiji - Family Tree. I have also found more information in this regard. 

I came across a "Death Notice" for a  Mr Charles WISE (of Levuka) in a digitized copy of 
"The Brisbane Courier, QLD 1864 - 1933": TROVE.  This conflicts with a date of death which is 
shown on "Carole's Family Tree" online, of 1866.(Edited: 23/09/14) - I now have confirmation 
that one date is in relation to Charles WISE(I) and the other is the date of death for Charles 
WISE(II)or Charles MAGOUN as according to literature, he was the son of James MAGOUN and 
Caroline. However I have doubts that the 1866 date is spot on. It is of interest that WISE is noted 
as 'WAI' ('kena vakaviti') and interestingly enough some of the MAGOUN/McGOON family have used the
name 'WAI McGOON'. The question is whether this is a mere coincidence or does this hinge on what is 
stated above? I would gladly welcome any information regarding this information.

Please note that any references to "Fijian" is reference to "Indigenous" or "i-Taukei". 

WISE Family Of Fiji

From the Information that I have gleaned from copies of birth certificates, some of the WISE 
Family members were born in Naigani. This indicates that the WISE family lived in Naigani, as 
well as Levuka before re-locating to other  parts of Fiji.  Little is known of the first Mr 
WISE, who came to Fiji.(Information on hand that Charles (I)'s father was a Mr J WISE (Edited: 
14/08/2015). Apart from references to Charles(I),the Interpreter's parents("European father and 
Fijian Lady"), one book that I have read which Dulcie also mentioned, refers to Charles (I) as 
the 'half-caste' son, of an American, and a Fijian lady "an American who had a child with a 
Fijian lady and returned to America". Not much  is known of the parents of Charles WISE (I).

Charles(I) was "a Pilot on boats and had an excellent knowledge of the uncharted waters of 
Fiji. He was also well versed in the Fijian custom" which assisted him in his role as the 
Consular Interpreter to William PRITCHARD. William PRITCHARD, was the 1st British Consul to 
Fiji:1858-1863. William PRITCHARD was born in Tahiti and had already served  as a British 
Consul taking over from his father in Samoa. Charles/Charley WISE was "a 'half caste' who had 
been raised by the late Rev. John HUNT, "for whose memory he entertained a warm admiration, 
justly shared by all who knew that excellent man". According to Thomas WILLIAMS "James Calvert 
Mission history" by James CALVERT, Rev John HUNT, (who translated the Bible to the Fijian 
language)"saw that the 'half-caste' children were the future of Fiji'. He knew that they needed 
attention but could not get from their parents, and they could not be managed by teachers. He 
took five of the boys from Ovalau to Viwa. He taught them English and trained them to become 
interpreters. It is highly likely that Charles(I) was one of these boys. 

Charles (I) was married to Emma KHAKRUSE sp??, maybe KRAUSE?. Emma was the sister of Caroline, who 
was married to James MAGOUN. Caroline was apparently so called, as she had lineage to the 
Caroline Islands'. This indicates that Emma and Caroline, had connections to the Caroline 
Islands - John YOUNG  "Adventurous Spirits";and Caroline RALSTON "Grass Hutts and Warehouses". 
Aunty Emma BOVORO (nee WISE) contends that Emma may also have lineage to Rewa. This is possible 
as Emma is recorded as Emma BUNA on the M. Cert for Charles WISE = Emma. Caroline Islanders 
(for example those who lived in the Caroline Islands like some of the DAVENPORT family for example)
resided in Rewa during that period so, it is possible that great GGGM Emma is from Rewa with
Caroline Island lineage (yet to be verified).

Charles (I) and Emma's children include George WISE (verified). The other likely children are: 
Maraia/Mary SHUTE (nee WISE); Caroline WHIPPY;PICKERING,(nee WISE), Lavenia WISE(unmarried as 
per D.Cert. Edited 19/11/2014: Other documents found have established that she was a Mrs 
SHACKLEY and she also married Benjamin TRAILL - confirmed by Grace and Dulcie (I have obtained 
the WISE=TRAILL M.Cert); and Charles WISE(II)(who may have been adopted) - John YOUNG (1984)and 
Caroline RALSTON. 

The present day WISE Family of Fiji did not have any knowledge of Maraia SHUTE(nee WISE)(stand 
corrected). This information only came to light when her grand-daughter Susan SPEERS(nee 
CURTIS) and her great - grandson Steele McMILLAN contacted me in response to my post "seeking 
information on the WISE Family Fiji" on the "KAILOMA" Facebook Site in Mar - April 2014. Their 
family, in particular Steele's mum, Beverley McMILLAN (nee CURTIS) were also seeking 
information, in relation to Maraia SHUTE (nee WISE). I also came across the name "Mary WISE" on 
the Fiji passenger lists listed online. However I am not certain if the two are one and the same. 
Sue and Steele have kept in touch and Steele has also been searching for further information on the 

WISE Family of Wainiveidio  

The WISE Family of Navua are descendants of George WISE (son of Charles WISE(I)Pilot/Interpreter). 
GGP George WISE married GGM Henrietta HENRY. GGM Henrietta was the daughter of Capt George Mathew 
HENRY (Captain HENRY). Captain HENRY was born in Tahiti.  He was the son of William HENRY who was 
born in Ireland to George HENRY and Sarah of Dublin. William HENRY was a Carpenter/Joiner and later 
became a Missionary. In 1796, Rev William HENRY traveled on the 'Duff', to the South Seas, with a 
large contingent of missionaries to Tahiti.  He spent some time in Sydney.  Later he and his first 
wife, Sarah (nee MABEN) and their family returned to Tahiti. When his wife Sarah died in 1812, Rev 
HENRY paid a short visit to Sydney, where he married Ann SHERPHERD (Sydney. Ann SHERPHERD was the 
daughter of James SHEHPHERD of Kissing Point. Rev HENRY and Ann had six sons and four daughters. 
One of the sons was Captain George Mathew HENRY. - ( 

Captain HENRY had a son to Mare/Marie REID, in Tahiti.  His name was George Tahumia HENRY. In 
Fiji. Captain HENRY married Elizabeth PICKERING, the daughter of Charles PICKERING who resided in 
Rewa. I have also found a record that GGGP HENRY later married Marama BREWER, and had a daughter
Anne/Annie HENRY who married James THOMAS. Elizabeth PICKERING also remarried, to Abraham RYDER.
More information on GGGGP Charles 
PICKERING can be found on:

Elizabeth PICKERING's sister,  Vani PICKERING was married to Charles ROUNDS. Charles ROUNDS and 
Vani's son, William ROUNDS married Losalini (Rosaline)DANFORD. After Rosaline DANFORD's passing 
at the age of 25, William married her sister Karolina DANFORD (Caroline).  William ROUNDS also 
married Karaline SINCLAIR later in life.  

Rosaline and Caroline DANFORD are the daughters of James DANFORD who married Klara? KOROIMARAMA 
(to be verified). James DANFORD was the son of John Humphrey DANFORD.  "John H Danford was 
known as 'Harry the Jew'.  He was so called as his transactions with the 'natives'(and Charles 
PICKERING) were dubious. He came from London and not able to carry on as a trader or a sailor, 
he lived in Tonga for 15 yrs.  He than came Fiji, ended up in Rewa.  He displeased the people 
there, and moved on to the land of 'Chief KURUDUADUA; (Namosi) where he lived among the people 
as if he was one of them.  He was able to command the Namosi dialect and  acted as a translator 
for Chief KURUDUADUA.  He gained the Chief's respect and was given land and 'wives' by the 
Chief".  He was also an "Apothecary" and as such also acted as a Pharmacist (finding a cure for 
illnesses) - Sydney Morning Herald Tues 19 August 1862,( news-article, 
downloaded 23 June 2014).  This interest in medicines is something our Grandma Josephine (nee 
ROUNDS) may have inherited from her grandfather, as she also had great knowledge of 
'medicines'(especially herbal medicine). She had a cure for every illness(Booboo PATEL had 
taken notes of the names, of the various herbal medicine from grandma Josephine in the early 

Grandma Josephine ('Bumbu'(pr),as the grand-children addressed her), was William ROUNDS and 
Rosaline (nee DANFORD's) daughter. Josephine ROUNDS, married our Grandpa, Benjamin WISE (son of 
George WISE and Henrietta/Ada/Etta (nee HENRY). It is interesting to note that Grandpa 
Benjamin WISE and Grandma Josephine ROUNDS, are 2nd cousins (grandchildren of Charles 
PICKERING and Burekaria TABUAKOVEI of Rewa). 

The WISE Family who grew up in Navua are direct descendants of Benjamin and Josephine WISE 
(nee ROUNDS). My Grandpa Benjamin/Ben and Grandma Josephine, first lived in Levuka. They later 
settled in Wainiveidio, Navua where Grandpa William ROUNDS (Grandma Josephine's dad)resided. Great 
Grandma Losalini DANFORD is the connection to Ratu Suliano MATANITOBUA ('Ratu Suli'), the 
reigning Tui Namosi (son of Ratu Simione and Adi Vani MATANITOBUA). Ratu Simione called Grandma 
Josephine 'his sister' and the children call each other "Tavale".  Ratu Suli was born at Grandpa 
Benjamin and Bumbu Josephine WISE's Home in Wainiveidio. To this day the WISE and the chiefly 
MATANITOBUA FAMILY remain as a close knit family.

George WISE =  Ada BOWER

George WISE also married Ada BOWER (daughter of Capt. William BOWER and Emily TRASK). Emily is 
the daughter of Capt. George TRASK, an American (born in USA Wisconsin). He lived in Fiji for 
around 53 years before he died in Levuka. He was married to Sara DAU. Capt. TRASK lived in 
Moala and also in Bua("Capt McLIVER had bought a piece of land from the chief of Bua.  An 
American of the name TRASK lived nearby") - "TROVE". George WISE and Ada's (nee BOWER) children 
include Aralai (Caroline) WISE who was married  William PICKERING. William PICKERING's brother, 
Arthur PICKERING (sons of Andrea/Henry PICKERING and Jessie SINCLAIR), married Karalaini 
(Caroline/Karrie) ROUNDS, grandma Josephine's half-sister. 

I note from the birth certificate of Thomas WISE (son of George WISE and Ada BOWER) that he was 
born in Naigani. This again confirms, that the WISE family did live in Naigani, Lomaiviti, 
before residing in Levuka. Edited: 23/09/14.I have now also sighted a record that yet again 
confirms that Great Grandpa George WISE, was born in Naigani. This provides the evidence that 
Great grandpa Charles and great grandma Emma had also resided in Naigani. So, Apart from living 
on Naigani Island, Vagadaci, Wainiveidio, and other parts of Fiji, some members of the WISE 
family now also reside in Vakabalea, Navua - refer to stories.

This website is not complete. The search is still on for the parents of Charles WISE (I). This 
site is also being continuously updated. I have in my busy schedule spent many hours at archives 
trolling through reels of films, documents and books to in my search for information. There has 
also been many a discussion on the "WISE Family" Facebook Page which has assisted in connecting the 
dots. In addition to those mentioned above, Iliesa WISE and Lina BOVORO played a vital role in 
confirming some of the information especially in relation to the George WISE = Ada BOWER lineage 
and in relation to our family who remained living in Levuka. Iliesa's dad, Uncle Charles WISE (V) 
and Lina's mum Aunty Emma BOVORO (nee WISE) grew up in Vagadace, Levuka, where the WISE Family of 
Fiji originate from. Iliesa and Lina have also been taking the time searching for information 
in relation to the WISE Family of Fiji. A big thank you to Margaret WISE who has also been active in 
this regard. Maire WISE (nee FONMANU), Stephanie WISE (nee DATT) and Samantha NACEWA (nee WISE) are 
to be thanked as well for taking the time and making the effort in trying and locate records from 
Fiji Archives and LDS Family History, Fiji(for the mini WISE family tree which was presented at the 
mini WISE Family Reunion held in May 2014). I must also extend a 'big vinaka vakalevu' to Rachael 
WILLIAMS who provided me with very good advice: "not to collect information based on 'word of 
mouth'". Rachael advised me on how I could get a hold of copies of the source documents, which 
would assist me with putting together the our family tree. This was very useful information for my 
purposes and assisted me tremendously - THANK YOU TO ALL WHO 'ROSE TO THE OCCASION'. 

If you have any information that will assist in progressing the "WISE FAMILY OF FIJI" Family 
Tree, please use the discussion forum or inbox me on Facebook. Any contribution will be greatly 
appreciated and humbly accepted. If you find any information in relation to the family that you  
feel is incorrect and have evidence, please advise citing your source. 
Vinaka Vakalevu, Malo and Thank You... Asilika A WISE.
Ancestors of WISE, Charles, (I)
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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The latest information I have been able to find is that Charles WISE father was a Mr J WISE..highly likely John WISE.

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